Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles

The non-contact electric vehicles charging system allows charging an EV without an electric cable simply by parking the car in a designated spot, much like charging an electric shaver or a toothbrush.

Electric power is supplied via magnetic induction from a primary power supply coil in the parking surface to a secondary coil in the vehicle.  When the primary coil is electrically charged, it generates a magnetic field that induces current in the secondary coil, and so charges the battery with no wired connection.

Inductive charging while driving:  Inductive elements are built into the road surface and the EV could be loaded with new energy wirelessly just by driving through a prepared road zone. Just like a basic transformer, a primary coil on the road and a secondary coil on the bottom of the car.  You have magnetic fields that interface the car to the road and transfer the electrical energy humming on the road surface.