Top reasons to buy an electric car

Electric vehicles are clean, efficient, green and quiet. They emit no noxious exhaust pollution, and for these reasons many people, including major car manufacturers, see them as the acceptable future of personal motoring - the antidote to the noisy, smelly, gas-guzziling motor car driven by the internal combustion engine - the automobile of the future.

  • Zero-emission - the electric car emits no hazardous or smelly pollution - it is kinder to our environment
  • Ease of use - the electric car needs no gear change, driving the electric car is even easier than driving an automatic car
  • Say goodbye to petrol stations - charge the electric car up at home or at a public charging point and forget the hassle of filling up with petrol
  • Low noise - the electric car engine is almost silent, it is inaudible. Enjoy peaceful journeys or easy conversation with your passengers
  • Smooth drive - the electric car engine produces no vibration, making driving a more relaxing experience
  • Low running costs - electricity is cheaper than petrol, and electric cars require less servicing

Driving an electric car has to be experienced to be believed, the refinement of the electric motor makes all petrol and diesel powered cars seem primitive and archaic in comparison - Drive Electric, the way to the future!