We have arrived at a major turning point that will one day be viewed as one of mankind's greatest achievements:  the adoption of the electric vehicle.  Many factors, such as skyrocketing oil prices, global warming, smog, and other factors have forced us to take another look at a technology that has been around for more than 100 years - the electric car.

For this adoption to be successful, consumers are going to have to be educated with the facts.  Electric Vehicles - Zero Emissions web site is dedicated to bringing consumers the latest information on electric vehicles in a non-technical, non-threatening and simple down-to-earth way.  After all we have a responsibility to clean up our environment and have fun while doing it.

Take an active role in this new revolution: read the latest news and share this with others.  Together, we can make a major difference.

BB1 100% Electric Car

Introducing the BB1