This page provides links to web site in the fields of Global Climate Change, Electric Vehicles and Sustainable Energy Resources.




The Definitive Guide to Safer Cycling-

Driving Green: Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Cars -

NZ Land Transport Agency -

Electric Vehicles Information -

Australian Electric Vehicle Associatation -

Plug In America -

Better Place -

Carbatt Systems -

Coulomb Technologies -

AC Propulsion -

Evnetics Vehicle Power Systems -

Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) -

EV World -

Electric Vehicles and Green Energy Authority -

Team EV World -

Electro Velocity -

The Parts Geek - EV Resource:

Olino - Renewable Energy -

Green Transportation -

All Electric Vehicles - Ireland -

Insurance company information for Alternative Fuels -

Electric Vehicle News -

Who killed the Electric Car? -

Revenge of the Electric Car -

Masdar City - Abu Dhabi -

Living PlanIT - PlanIT Valley -

European Future Energy Forum -

Dons Auto Pages for Alternate Fuels - EV -

Overview of Electric Cars -

The soccer ball called sOccket -

EV Li-ion Battery Forum:

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