Holden Volt

The Holden Volt is an electric vehicle that goes further. You have the electric source - the battery - and a backup system that we call range-extending, which uses a petrol engine to generate electricity that allows you to continue your drive. These two onboard sources of energy make the Holden Volt significantly different from other electric or hybrid vehicles. It means you can hit the roads less travelled with confidence.

A single charge of the Holden Volt's long-life lithium-ion battery pack will allow most New Zealanders to complete their daily commute using only electricity. This means zero tailpipe-emissions driving, so the environment, and your wallet, will thank you. When the battery runs low, you don't have to worry because the backup petrol engine charges the battery, which can extend the total driving range by hundreds of kilometres.

The Holden Volt marks the end of range anxiety. Even if you never use it, you know you've got a backup plan.