About Us

The Earth does not belong to us but we belong to the Earth.  We are a part of an Ecosystem that is so very vulnerable and if we damage this environment then we damage our own future.

The purpose of this website is to promote the awareness of Electric Vehicles in New Zealand.  We are made up of individuals living in New Zealand that believe electric vehicles (EVs) are an important part of the solution to our global energy crisis.

The future of the world will have to be based on renewable energy.  This is what creation has given us in enormous abundance. We cannot possibly continue to carry out human activities by plundering the resources that we have inherited. We have not inherited this earth.  We have borrowed it from our children.

Our main goal is to raise awareness around the benefits of EVs. We do this by providing un-biased EV information to interested parties.

The combustion engine has powered our transport for many decades now, but now electric vehicles are beginning to present viable alternatives. Electric cars have a number of advantages.  Their motors convert energy to power more efficiently than a combustion engine.  They are quiet, and do not contribute to air quality problems. If we run them on New Zealand's largely renewable electricity, they reduce our transport greenhouse gas emissions.

The next big industrial evolution has already taken place.  The Electrical Vehicle revolution is coming, whether you like it or not.  Find out more about it and be ready to accept what it has to offer and contribute to a better future for generations to come.

If you think our dependence on polluting gasoline burning vehicles needs to come to an end, then please pass this EV website message to your friends and family. The future of our planet depends on it.

Mauricio Vás

I have 25+ years of transferable skills from the ICT sector both technical and business management. I want to use these skills in the EV sector. Looking for roles involving development and technical marketing of the EV technologies. Visit my site for more information:  http://www.mauriciovas.info